Crop’s Horquetas plantation is in the highlands of Costa Rica. It has rich volcanic soil, 230 days of sunshine and more than 200 cms of rain every year: in other words, pineapple heaven. Here we only grow A grade Supersweet pineapples, picked at full ripeness. All the water used for cleaning the fruit is rainwater, captured and recycled by a creek. Embracing the Crop’s sustainable philosophy of “see it as it is, leave it as it was”, we choose to leave a part of the plantation as virgin jungle.


We grow prime strawberries and handpick them in the lush strawberry fields of the Maghreb in Morocco. Abundant sunshine ripens these berries to perfection and they are picked, frozen and packed in the shortest possible time. Crop’s is part of the local community here and we invest in a flourishing future for all our pickers. Among many other initiatives, Crop’s supports the local school.


Professional pastry chefs and bartenders depend on Crop’s fruit purées to create the most exciting desserts and cocktails. We select prime fruit and handpick it in the very best growing regions. The result is not only the tastiest, most intense purée, it’s also the easiest. We have developed individual purée portions of 10g – giving chefs and bartenders exactly the right quantities for every recipe.


Lublin province is the agricultural heart of Eastern Poland. Here the rich soil and unique microclimate, with wide differential in night and daytime temperatures, creates the conditions for fruit famed for its sweetness, aroma and depth of colour. Generations of fruit farmers here have passed on their wisdom. Today Crop’s grows raspberries and blackcurrants, strawberries, redcurrants, blackberries, rhubarb, gooseberries – and the region’s signature Lutovka and Nadwislanka sourcherries.


Welcome to the Pozega valley in the mountains of Western Serbia. Here the temperate climate, acid soil and plentiful rainfall combine to produce the world’s tastiest raspberries. Crop’s grows and picks 7,500 tonnes prime raspberries here every year for IQF fruit, smoothies and purée. As well as our own water purification system we have invested heavily in sustainability. Every year we plant 37 hectares of organic raspberries here.

Tonnes of frozen fruits grown each year
Hectares of organic raspberry plantations
Hectares of our Costa Rica plantation left as virgin jungle
major fruit plantations — in Morocco, Serbia, Poland and Costa Rica